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Friday August 31, 2018

An impressive Geelong mechanics workshop

A comment we hear a lot is how impressive our workshop is. Well that’s because it is! So many of our customers say they chose us because our workshop is so tidy and clean and see it as a reflection of our work. And they’re right! Our Geelong mechanics take pride in not only the...
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Tuesday July 31, 2018


Toyota have a reputation for producing quality, reliable cars and are a major player in the automotive industry. Originating in Japan in 1937 the company was founded by the Toyoda family. Interestingly the word ‘Toyota’ came about because it takes 10 Japanese strokes to write ‘Toyoda’ whereas it only takes 8 strokes to write ‘Toyota’,...
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Friday June 29, 2018

Winter Driving Tips from a Geelong mechanic

Winter is definitely here. The fog is rolling in and those cold, dark nights and mornings have settled in. The weather conditions over winter mean you often need to not only take more care on the road but also ensure that your car is in good condition. Our Geelong mechanics offer some advice when it...
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Wednesday May 30, 2018


A new customer came to us recently with a 2007 Holden Barina. They had missed a few car services in Geelong so it needed a bit of attention, but in particular they noted that the front brakes were making a grinding noise. On the test drive we definitely heard the grinding noise they were referring...
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Monday April 30, 2018


When this magnificent 1956 Ford Sunliner pulled in to the drive of the workshop it certainly caught our eye. It was impressive. The owners were passing through town on their way to a car show and needed a Geelong mechanic to help with a few adjustments it required. We were more than happy to help....
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Wednesday February 28, 2018

Hyundai Car Servicing in Geelong

Hyundai are certainly proving themselves as a major player in the automotive industry, producing close to 4 million vehicles a year. They now rank as the 5th largest automotive corporation in the world. They have captured the market in providing quality vehicles at an affordable price. BJT Automotive carry out Hyundai car servicing in Geelong...
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Wednesday January 31, 2018

Petrol in a Diesel car…. uh oh, need a Geelong mechanic real quick!!

It doesn’t happen very often, but from time to time we get the phone call from a stressed out driver that they’ve put the wrong fuel in their car – usually petrol into a diesel. It’s usually panic stations and quite an air of annoyance that accompanies the phone call! Then once they’ve calmed down the...
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Monday December 25, 2017

Well that’s it for another year for these Geelong mechanics….!!

It’s hard to believe that another year has almost passed us by! We say it every year, but this year particularly seems to have gone incredibly fast. Perhaps that’s because it’s been a busy year. Our Geelong mechanics have certainly been busy, infact it would be interesting to note how many cars have come through...
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Thursday November 30, 2017

Not your average roadworthy certificate in geelong

We’ve done plenty of roadworthy certificates in Geelong over the years and occasionally we get a goodie. Our most recent was a 1968 HK Monaro that is pretty close to original condition. We thought we’d use that particular roadworthy inspection as an opportunity to briefly talk a bit about what is actually involved when it...
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Tuesday October 31, 2017

BJT – the place to go for Ford Servicing in Geelong

There are so many makes and models of cars out there, that to be honest we don’t proclaim to have expert knowledge of every single one of them! Now don’t get the wrong idea, we’re pretty good at servicing and maintaining cars and can work on just about any model but we are pretty knowledgeable...
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