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Friday July 28, 2017

Mazda Service in Geelong – “Zoom Zoom!”

If you are a Mazda owner and looking for a reputable workshop to service and maintain your car, then we can help! BJT Automotive carry out Mazda Service in Geelong and we are incredibly good at it too! Mazda have a large range of cars from their Sedan or Hatch range in varying sizes, larger...
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Wednesday June 28, 2017

Routine Car Service in Geelong Uncovers More…..

  We carried out a car service in Geelong on a Ford Focus 2006 model, and the customer notified us that the clutch was not working properly and asked could we also have a look at the problem. After a thorough inspection our mechanic located the clutch problem to the master cylinder that was intermittently internally by-passing. On some...
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Wednesday May 31, 2017

Geelong Mechanic Works on a HSV VF Maloo Ute

We love it when we get a beauty like this in the workshop. Our Geelong mechanics had the pleasure of working on a Holden VF GTS Maloo Utility with an LSA supercharged V8 engine. This ute was gleaming and looked like it had hardly left the garage, as was indicated by the 668km on the dash. The...
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Sunday April 30, 2017

Another Unique Car Service in Geelong

A short while ago we posted a blog about a Ford Galaxy Ranch that has been converted into a hearse for Tuckers Funeral services in Geelong, that we service and maintain. Another classic vehicle in their fleet is the 1926 Chevrolet which has also been made into a hearse. Both of these vehicles are certainly different to the...
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Monday March 27, 2017

What is involved with a Roadworthy Certificate in Geelong?

BJT Automotive are Licenced Vehicle Testers, so if you need a Roadworthy Certificate in Geelong we can help you out. Whenever a vehicle is sold or needs to be re-registered a roadworthy certificate is required. Only an accredited LVT can issue a roadworthy certificate. VicRoads are pretty fussy when it comes to roadworthy’s and it...
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Tuesday February 28, 2017

Our Geelong Mechanic finds a Problem…..!

We recently had a new customer bring their car to us for a service, and they asked if we are thorough – we said yes! They were looking for a different workshop to take their car for servicing and had heard we are fussy. Turns out they were mighty pleased they came to us instead. Our Geelong...
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Tuesday January 31, 2017

The Old and The New – Ford Service in Geelong

We recently saw how much cars have changed over the years when we happened to have both a 1979 and a 2012 Ford Falcon Ute in the workshop at the same time. We are known for specialising in Ford Service in Geelong, and it was interesting to compare the two! Geelong has been well known for its association with Ford over...
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Monday December 5, 2016

Toyota Log Book Servicing in Geelong

At BJT Automotive we service and maintain all types of vehicles, including Toyota.  Toyota are known for producing quality vehicles and the best way to keep your Toyota in top condition is to have it regularly serviced. We carry out Toyota log book servicing in Geelong in our modern workshop. It is important to regularly service your...
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Friday October 21, 2016

Need a pre-purchase car inspection done in Geelong……?

It can be tricky buying a new car – you think you’ve found the perfect one, it’s the exact make and model you’re after, the colour’s great and there’s not a scratch on it but how do you know if it really is a decent car? That’s where we can help by carrying out a...
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Tuesday September 27, 2016

Dealer Service vs Non-Dealer Car Service in Geelong

A question we are often asked is whether a new car warranty will be void if it is not serviced at a dealership. The answer is no, it’s not. You can have your brand new car serviced in Geelong at BJT Automotive and the manufacturer’s warranty will not be affected. A dealership can not tell you...
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