Motor mechanic services, Geelong

At BJT Automotive our attention to detail combined with our extensive experience and knowledge means you can be assured of the best, most thorough and up to date mechanical repairs and services in Geelong, and all our work is fully guaranteed.

We offer a courtesy car service so when you bring you car in for servicing or repair we can take you home or to work, and pick you up again when your car is ready.

From car servicing to issuing a roadworthy certificate, BJT Automotive mechanic Geelong, have you and your car covered.

Car Servicing

BJT Automotive motor mechanic in Geelong has a reputation for being different. Take a look in our workshop, and straight away you’ll see why. Our bright, clean and orderly workshop reflects our attitude. Yes, we are fussy, especially when it comes to customer service and working on your car. Our staff are experienced and fully trained, our...
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Fleet Servicing & Maintenance

Motor mechanic BJT Automotive not only provides personalised and thorough car servicing and mechanical repairs to privately owned cars, but offers a comprehensive fleet vehicle maintenance service. Our team of car mechanics understand the constraints of managing fleet vehicles, and know that time off the road is time not spent on your business. We can...
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Mechanical Repairs

At BJT Automotive we don’t expect our clients to speak the language of mechanical repairs. If our clients can only tell us they’ve got the shakes in the front end, a rattle under the bonnet, shudder in the brakes or vibration on corners, our Geelong auto mechanics have the expertise to translate, diagnose and fix the...
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Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

You’ve made the decision to buy a car and after weeks of looking, have found the perfect one. It’s the right colour at a good price. But how do you know if it is mechanically sound, especially when, if like most people, you don’t know your shock absorber from your fuel filter. Before you commit,...
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Roadworthy Certificates

Are you thinking about selling your car privately instead of going through a car dealership? Maybe you own an older car that is due to be re-registered. If either of these situations applies to you, you need a roadworthy certificate, and car mechanic, BJT Automotive is your roadworthy expert in Geelong. Our roadworthy services include: Roadworthy...
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Suspension, Brake & Clutch Repairs

Clutch slipping? Brakes feel soft and spongey? Or does your car shudder and sway? These are all signs that your car’s clutch, brakes and suspension need immediate attention. And that means your car isn’t running as smoothly or safely as it should. But don’t panic, you don’t have to go to a franchise where you...
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Other Services

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. Nobody has the time to race around having their car serviced in one place, wheel alignment and balance checked in another, car air conditioning repairs done somewhere else, and exhaust repairs completed on the other side of town. Geelong motor mechanic BJT Automotive understands your time is precious. That...
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