Holden Service in Geelong

January 30, 2020

Holden is a name synonymous with Australia. Most probably wouldn’t know, but Holden was founded in 1856 and they actually made saddles.  In 1908 they moved in to the automotive field with their headquarters located in Port Melbourne. There have been many models over the years and many loyal fans of the Holden brand. It was an unfortunate end to an iconic era when the company’s demise happened in 2017. The Holden name will always be held in high steed and there are plenty of them on our roads today. At BJT Automotive we regularly carry out Holden service in Geelong.

Popular from the onset, it didn’t take long for Holden to become the leaders in their field. Australian’s loved the FJ in the 50’s but particularly loved the EH in the 60’s and it became the fastest selling car. Then along came one for the rev heads, the Monaro, gaining even more popularity with the rev heads when it won Bathurst. The 70’s brought about their most popular model the Commodore. Over a 30 year period 14 models were made. This was a car for everyone with so many still on our roads today. The Torana and Gemini came along in the 70’s too. I drove a Gemini myself and thought I was pretty cool, especially as mine was two toned in colour and had a sun roof! The 80’s saw technology advances kicking in and refinement of the Commodore model, which continued through the 90’s.

We service plenty of Holden vehicles in our workshop. We don’t see too many of the older models these days unfortunately, but the Commodore, Captiva, Colorado and Astra are models we regularly see. The Colorado in particular is a popular vehicle and we have many customers who regularly bring theirs in for servicing. Despite the Dealership offering fixed price servicing, they still choose us cause quite simply, we do it better! We carry out Holden service in Geelong to a high standard and are thorough and professional in our work. Our customer service is exceptional too!

If you are a proud owner of the iconic brand Holden and want a mechanic who will love your car as much as you do then I strongly suggest you contact us and let us take care of it for you. I doubt you would find a more thorough, fussy workshop than ours and you won’t be disappointed!