Brakes, clutch & suspension mechanics, Geelong

Mechanic GeelongClutch slipping? Brakes feel soft and spongey? Or does your car shudder and sway?

These are all signs that your car’s clutch, brakes and suspension need immediate attention. And that means your car isn’t running as smoothly or safely as it should.

But don’t panic, you don’t have to go to a franchise where you feel like you and your car don’t matter. Personalised, service for your car suspension, brake and clutch repair is available in one place and is conducted by a fully trained and experienced team of auto mechanics.

Trusted motor mechanic BJT Automotive is your one-stop destination for quality car suspension, brake and clutch replacement and personal service.

There’s no need to feel embarrassed because you don’t know how to describe your car’s problem either. Our automotive mechanics understand clunks and shudders and have the experience and skill to diagnose the problem, as well as conduct the mechanical repairs Geelong drivers require to fix them. Most importantly, we treat you like you matter because, quite simply, you do. Don’t mess around with your safety or waste your valuable time racing all over town.  Visit the team at BJT Automotive, motor mechanics Geelong trusts for car servicing, wheel alignments and suspension, brake and clutch repairs.

Contact BJT Automotive in Geelong and ask about our brake, clutch and suspension service or make a booking.