Car Service in Geelong

May 27, 2020

We seem to have had quite a few new customers lately who have learned that car servicing is more involved than they thought. They have been very surprised to not only understand exactly what is involved in car servicing, but moreso that their previous mechanic had not been servicing their car properly at all. We are definitely known for being thorough when it comes to car service in Geelong and to put it simply, we do it properly and we don’t miss anything.

At BJT Automotive we always follow the manufacturers guidelines and service vehicles accordingly. This means that not every service is the same, hence why we don’t have set pricing. Services vary greatly depending on the type of car and which service interval it is due for. Some are what we would call a standard service and others involve more fluids and filters that require changing. Things such as brakes and suspension are not replaced as a standard service item but rather when required. They should always be thoroughly checked at each service and monitored accordingly. This ensures that the vehicle is safe, and we can also give our customers plenty of notice as to when they need replacing which can help them budget accordingly.

When it comes to choosing a mechanic for car service in Geelong make sure you find one that carries out log book servicing. This means that your car will be serviced exactly as it should be and keep you safe on the roads. Keeping up with the required service items will also ensure your car runs efficiently and will save you money. Unfortunately we see too often people that have neglected their car which in turn has cost them a lot of money having things fixed. As they say, prevention is better than cure!

We have a large, regular clientele that are so happy with our service. Our many Google reviews can attest to this. We are only a small, family owned business and pride ourselves on what we do. If you’d like to know more then contact us.