4WD Service in Geelong – BJT Automotive

July 2, 2020

At BJT Automotive we offer a comprehensive range of services and carry out servicing and repairs to all makes and models. We are also fully equipped to service and repair turbo diesel 4WD’s. If you are looking for a reputable workshop to undertake 4WD service in Geelong then BJT Automotive are well worth a call.

Regular servicing of 4WD’s is particularly important when they are used for off road driving. They cop a harder time than the average vehicle and the dust, mud, water and vibrations that come with four wheel driving can wreak havoc on an engine and body if not maintained.

We have been established for over 20 years and have an excellent reputation for providing quality servicing and repairs and professional, personalised service. When it comes to 4WD service in Geelong we are competent, experienced and thorough. We understand the specific needs of turbo diesel engines and our workshop is well equipped to carry out the necessary servicing for 4WD’s.

Whether you are a keen 4WD enthusiast who regularly hits the bush or just drive your 4WD around town, we can help you keep it in pristine condition. Contact us today to arrange an appointment and we’ll be happy to keep you 4WDriving!