July 24, 2019

There certainly seems to be more and more new cars on the roads these days with the majority of people cruising around in shiny new cars. We seem to be spoilt for choice with so many makes and models available and there really is a car to suit everyone’s needs. A long time popular choice is the Nissan. Founded in 1911, Nissan expanded into the worldwide market in the 50’s and in 2013 was the 6th largest car maker in the world. At BJT Automotive we are fully qualified to carry out Nissan service in our Geelong workshop.Image result for nissan logo

Nissan have a wide range of vehicles starting with the nifty Juke up to the larger Patrol. Popular models seem to be the Qashqai, X-Trail and the Navara. The Qashqai is perfect for families, it’s large enough to fit everybody in but still small enough to zip around town. It’s an affordable option too. The X-Trail is very similar but a bit bigger, and the new models in particular are very appealing and have a smarter look about them. The Navara has long been a popular choice with the tradies. The ute works well for their work needs but they also have the added benefit of a dual cab which can accommodate the family too.

At BJT Automotive we are more than capable of carrying out Nissan service in Geelong. We are able to do all the scheduled servicing without affecting the manufacturers warranty. The best part is we are a more affordable option than a dealer and our customer service is pretty awesome too. We have a loan car and a courtesy car service available too to make things even easier. Our mechanics pay attention to detail and we always ensure our work is undertaken to the highest standard. We are well known for being fussy and we like it that way.

If you’re a Nissan owner and keen to have your car serviced and maintained to a high standard then BJT Automotive is an excellent choice. We have many customers who have previously used the dealer for their servicing and now come to BJT and they have been really happy, particularly noting the difference in the customer service. Contact us if you would like to know more!