We’ve all heard the saying, ‘I bought a Jeep’…….. Jeep service in Geelong

June 4, 2019

It’s one of those catchy phrases. Possible not quite as catchy as ‘not happy Jan’ but a memorable one nonetheless. We all know the ads, one of which showed the good looking man standing on the misty mountain top happily shouting ‘I bought a Jeep’ which was met with a ‘me too’ far off in the distance. Not to mention the wife scoring brownie points with her husband, telling him she bought a Jeep of which he was suitably impressed. If you have bought a Jeep then we can help you with Jeep service in Geelong – that’s if you’re not too busy exclaiming to the world about your purchase!

Jeep have become quite a popular car in Australia. Founded in Michigan in 1941 they now sell their vehicles worldwide under the Chrysler Group. The Cherokee and Grand Cherokee in particular are a popular family SUV and there’s plenty on our Geelong roads. They are marketed as a versatile off-road, rugged SUV that can not only transport you and your family around the city streets but also take you for an adventure in the great outdoors.

Our highly skilled mechanics have the expertise and experience to carry out Jeep service in Geelong workshop. This is particularly great news if you are looking for an alternative to a dealer. BJT are able to carry out all the scheduled servicing required, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, and this not only means that your warranty won’t be affected but you also won’t have to pay dealer prices. We are a more affordable option and provide a more personalised and thorough service.

If you bought a Jeep then contact us and we can look after all your servicing needs. You won’t be disappointed!