May 28, 2019

Recently a customer came to us concerned about their 2010 Hyundai i30. They could smell fuel when driving it and had noticed fuel leaking on the ground when they parked it on their steep driveway. They booked it in for a car service in our Geelong workshop and it was during the service we discovered the problem.

Initially the customer took their car to the dealership a few times in order to have the fuel smell and leak inspected. They were told there was nothing leaking and there was no problem with the car. Quite astonishing really as we discovered quite the opposite! Upon inspection we found fuel stains on the fuel tank and after looking into it further, discovered the fuel filler hose that attaches to the fuel tank was perished, split and leaking. The damaged hose is known to be a common problem for that particular i30 model.

Our customer was so happy with our work, and needless to say a tad disappointed with the dealer! We were happy to have fixed the problem for them, particularly as a fuel leak is a major safety concern due to the risk of fire and not to mention breathing in the fumes. They appreciated our thorough work and will continue to use BJT for their car service in Geelong. Who could blame them really!

We never just do the bare minimum when it comes to car servicing. We always make sure everything is done properly and our customers are important to us. Being a small, family run business we do tend to care a lot more than the bigger dealers and our workmanship is testament to this. Contact us today if you’d like to experience our awesomeness for yourself!