Car Service in Geelong – what’s involved?

August 11, 2019

Keeping your car in good condition is either a priority for some, or no big deal to others and they aren’t too fussed. Well it probably pays to be fussy because regularly servicing your car can certainly save you costly headaches down the track. It is essential that your car is not only serviced and maintained, but that it is done properly. BJT Automotive have an excellent reputation for car service in Geelong and for being extremely thorough.

Servicing can vary a lot, depending on the make and model of the car and the scheduled service that it’s due for. It is important to follow the manufacturers guidelines when it comes to servicing. Some services are relatively minor in terms of the work required, while others are more involved and require extra things such as fluid and filter changes and timing belts. This is why the cost can vary so much with servicing too. There really isn’t ‘one price fits all’. If you ever receive your bill after having your car serviced and feel that the cost is too high, then ask your mechanic to explain what was done. It is most likely that your mechanic hasn’t carried out unnecessary work but rather carried out the extra work that is required as part of the scheduled service. A good way of checking this is to have a look at the logbook in your glovebox, it will outline exactly what is required for each service. It is important also that the logbook is stamped after every service so make sure that’s been done, and if it hasn’t get your mechanic to stamp it. This is particularly important for maintaining the manufacturers warranty.

BJT Automotive have fully qualified and highly skilled mechanics capable of carrying out car service in Geelong. Our standards are high, as is our workmanship. We have a large clientele, including many fleets, that are so happy with the work we do and particularly appreciate that their car is always serviced properly with nothing missed.

If keeping your car serviced and maintained to a high standard is a priority for you then BJT Automotive is absolutely the place for you to go. And if you’re someone that’s not too fussed, then it’s time to get fussy and contact us straight away! You’ll appreciate the difference I promise!