Winter Driving Tips from a Geelong mechanic

June 29, 2018

Winter is definitely here. The fog is rolling in and those cold, dark nights and mornings have settled in. The weather conditions over winter mean you often need to not only take more care on the road but also ensure that your car is in good condition. Our Geelong mechanics offer some advice when it comes to keeping safe on the road.

Obviously it is important to have your car regularly serviced no matter what the time of year, but there are some simple things you can do yourself during winter in order to make sure your car is right for the conditions:

  • Check your windscreen and wipers – often the windscreen will fog up in winter making visibility difficult so a clean windscreen will help, and you don’t want any cracks or chips. Make sure you’ve got decent wiper blades too. The wipers get more of a workout over winter and it’s essential they’re doing their job, certainly helps to see a bit better!
  • Make sure your tyres have plenty of tread and the pressure is correct. This is particularly important over winter as the roads are often wet and icy making for slippery conditions. And if you’re heading to the snow invest in some chains.
  • Most car batteries will last around three and a half years. When your car is serviced the battery is always checked, but if you suspect yours is getting close to its use by date it would be worth having it checked or replaced – before it decides to die on you on a cold, dark night in the middle of nowhere!
  • You should always check your headlights no matter what time of the year, but in winter it gets darker earlier and it’s often foggy so it’s extra important they are working. Goes without saying that the indicators and brake lights are important too so check them while you’re at it.

Not only should you make sure your car is right for the winter conditions you often need to drive to the conditions too. This means slowing down and paying careful attention. Thick fog can be difficult to navigate through and wet roads are slippery. Pretty common sense really, but it is amazing how often you see people racing around in wet conditions and they’re the ones to look out for.

If your car is due for a service don’t put it off. Winter is a good time for a Geelong mechanic to not only service your car but check to make sure everything is in working order and that you’re safe on the roads.

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