July 31, 2018

Toyota have a reputation for producing quality, reliable cars and are a major player in the automotive industry. Originating in Japan in 1937 the company was founded by the Toyoda family. Interestingly the word ‘Toyota’ came about because it takes 10 Japanese strokes to write ‘Toyoda’ whereas it only takes 8 strokes to write ‘Toyota’, and as the number 8 is considered lucky in Japan, Toyota was chosen. Who knew! If you are looking for somewhere reputable to carry out Toyota Servicing in Geelong then come to BJT Automotive!

Not only do we know all about Toyota’s but we drive them ourselves! Brett drives a Landcruiser while Rach (also known as our courtesy car driver!) drives a Hilux, and she drove a Kluger prior to that. We choose Toyota vehicles for their quality. They are also known to hold their value so it is worth looking after your Toyota. Brett’s Landcruiser in particular is in pristine condition (that’s what happens when you’re a fussy mechanic!) and we have had many people approach us wanting to buy it!

Toyota have a wide range of vehicles and we can confidently service and maintain them. Whether it be the zippy Yaris, Prado, Tarago or HiAce van we can service them. We are very familiar with the service scheduling of the vehicles and our mechanics have extensive experience with Toyota servicingĀ in Geelong. It is not necessary to only take your Toyota to a dealer, we can confidently service your Toyota and provide excellent customer service at a competitive price. We fully guarantee all our work and the manufacturers warranty is not affected. We are an excellent dealership alternative – infact I’ll brag and say we’re better!

If you are a Toyota owner then contact us as we’d be happy to look after you car. You won’t be disappointed!