May 30, 2018

A new customer came to us recently with a 2007 Holden Barina. They had missed a few car services in Geelong so it needed a bit of attention, but in particular they noted that the front brakes were making a grinding noise.

On the test drive we definitely heard the grinding noise they were referring to, the front right hand sounded really ordinary. It soon became apparent why. The brake pads were completely worn out which resulted in metal rubbing on metal. The worn pads also damaged the rotors adding extra cost to the repair of the brakes. Had the car been serviced regularly the brake pads would have been checked and replaced before they damaged the rotors. Unfortunately a costly and potentially dangerous mistake caused by simply not having the car regularly serviced.

While carrying out the service on the car we noted several other things that had been overlooked. We provided the customer with a report on the items and explained them in detail, and helped them decide which items to attend to according to their priority and their budget. They were very appreciative of our service and commented they hadn’t been to a workshop like BJT Automotive before, where the work was thorough and fully explained with warm, personal service. We are a family owned business and we appreciate our customers and work hard to ensure they receive excellent service and value for money.

Make sure you don’t put off regular car services in Geelong. It might seem like an inconvenience sometimes, but it is so important to service and maintain your car in order to avoid costly repairs that arise from neglect. Your car will run as good as you treat it so be kind!

If you want to feel as happy as the Barina owner does after finding a decent mechanic, then contact us today!