Geelong Mechanic Works on a HSV VF Maloo Ute

May 31, 2017

We love it when we get a beauty like this in the workshop. Our Geelong mechanics had the pleasure of working on a Holden VF GTS Maloo Utility with an LSA supercharged V8 engine. This ute was gleaming and looked like it had hardly left the garage, as was indicated by the 668km on the dash.

The Maloo is an impressive vehicle with a 6.2 litre supercharged LSA engine with 430kW of power and 740Nm of torque. In is little as about 4.5 seconds it can reach 100km/h. Holden claim it to be the world’s most powerful ute.  This particular ute was a limited edition with a build number of 190 out of only 250 made. The Maloo has its own differential oil cooler and gear box oil cooler and AP brakes with 6 pot callipers on the front and 4 on the rear. The exhaust is a twin bi-modal system re-calibrated to suit the powerful engine with four outlets making it not only perform exceptionally well but sound seriously impressive too. It’s got some grunt that’s for sure.

They called the Maloo the last of the big bangers as it was the last of the high powered V8 engines that Holden made. It is an awesome ute with a long list of features which have come about after years of development by Holden.

This particular ute was certainly one to admire. At first glance it looks black but closer inspection shows a rich dark green with a shine so good you could use it as a mirror. It was hard to find a speck of dust anywhere on the vehicle, and when we put it on the hoist the underneath of the vehicle was just as pristine. The owner of the vehicle is a car enthusiast and we feel privileged he entrusts us to work on his cars. He certainly appreciates our fussiness!

A vehicle such as this is always sure to spark the interest of our Geelong mechanics. If you are a car enthusiast yourself and need a workshop that will maintain your car to your high standard then contact us as we will definitely look after it as if it were our own!