Routine Car Service in Geelong Uncovers More…..

June 28, 2017


We carried out a car service in Geelong on a Ford Focus 2006 model, and the customer notified us that the clutch was not working properly and asked could we also have a look at the problem.

After a thorough inspection our mechanic located the clutch problem to the master cylinder that was intermittently internally by-passing. On some vehicles replacement of the clutch master cylinder is relatively straight forward however, on this particular car it was quite involved.

To gain access to the master cylinder our mechanic had to remove the drivers airbag, steering wheel, steering column, dashboard trims and pedal box. This cylinder does not get replaced as part of any routine service for the life of the car and is only done so if it fails, as was the case for this Focus. It was interesting to note how times have changed – traditionally clutch master cylinders were always made of either cast iron or cast aluminium but the cylinder used for this vehicle was made of plastic.

Our customer was so happy with the car service in Geelong that we carried out for them and said their car was so much nicer to drive after having the clutch problem fixed. We love keeping our customers happy and especially like sorting out a problem that has been bothering them. Our aim is to keep our customers happy and we pride ourselves on our high standard and thorough car servicing, and our awesome customer service! If you are experiencing a problem with your car or are simply in need of a service then please contact us. We’d love to help you out!