Another Unique Car Service in Geelong

April 30, 2017

A short while ago we posted a blog about a Ford Galaxy Ranch that has been converted into a hearse for Tuckers Funeral services in Geelong, that we service and maintain. Another classic vehicle in their fleet is the 1926 Chevrolet which has also been made into a hearse. Both of these vehicles are certainly different to the usual cars we service in Geelong and they always generate interest.

The Chevrolet was originally a utility, and the hearse on the back came from a horse drawn cart. Another modification is the custom made timber cabin, it wouldn’t have looked quite so flash in its original state! It is certainly a different experience to drive the Chev, for starters there are no doors! And it doesn’t help that there are no seat belts either! Unlike modern day cars it doesn’t have hydraulic brakes, only mechanical external band brakes on the rear wheels only. This means you really need to be extra cautious when driving the vehicle and mindful that you won’t stop in a hurry. The engine has no oil filter unlike modern day cars but uses a motor splash feed oil pressure system. It uses a mono grade engine oil which is very old fashioned type of oil. Another unusual feature you may notice in the picture is the temperature gauge at the front of the car on the bonnet, which is also the radiator cap! A little harder to read than the gauge on your dashboard!

We appreciate being able to work on the Chevrolet and the Galaxy Ranch that Tuckers have in their fleet. They are both unique vehicles and definitely vastly different to the modern day vehicles we usually work on. Our extensive mechanical knowledge of vehicles combined with our fussy attitude enables us to service and maintain these special cars. Whilst we mostly carry out car service in Geelong on modern day vehicles, our mechanics are highly skilled and can service and maintain both the old and the new.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing a high level of service and our large, loyal clientele are testament to this. Tuckers Funeral service entrust us to service and maintain all the vehicles in their fleet, and it’s important we get it right for them as their business is so dependent on reliable vehicles. Contact us if you’d like to know more about our services and how we can look after you too!