The Old and The New – Ford Service in Geelong

January 31, 2017

We recently saw how much cars have changed over the years when we happened to have both a 1979 and a 2012 Ford Falcon Ute in the workshop at the same time. We are known for specialising in Ford Service in Geelong, and it was interesting to compare the two!

Geelong has been well known for its association with Ford over the years having been chosen as the place for their Australian headquarters in 1925. It’s long been a proud association and there was much despair when the company announced in 2013 that it would cease operations. Having been a large employer in the Geelong region with some 1,200 employees it hit hard when they closed down.  Brett had a connection with Ford himself having completed his apprenticeship at a local Ford dealership where he continued to work for many years. This was where he gained his specialist Ford knowledge.

The 1979 XD Ute was in terrific condition. It might not have been as shiny as the XR6, but she was gleaming all the same! The square edges have been replaced by sleek curves but overall the body size and shape is reasonably similar. Not so much so on the inside! The interior has obviously seen some significant changes and the luxury of the 2012 model is a big improvement! Mind you, the XD was still pretty comfy! The XR6 has all the bells and whistles of a late model vehicle whereas the owner of the XD unfortunately can’t listen to their ipod, make a phone call or ask for directions if they get lost! Whilst there are so many changes under the bonnet it was interesting to note that the engine size is basically the same and hasn’t changed much at all over the 36 years, with the XR6 having a 4 litre engine and the XD a 4.1 litre.

It’s nice to be able to appreciate the old and the new. Our mechanics have a thorough knowledge of Ford vehicles, making us a dealership alternative. We have long advertised as specialists in Ford service in Geelong and a large majority of our clientele are Ford owners. Whilst it’s not our only speciality, we can certainly keep your Ford in top condition. Contact us today and we’d be more than happy to help you!