Toyota Log Book Servicing in Geelong

December 5, 2016

At BJT Automotive we service and maintain all types of vehicles, including Toyota.  Toyota are known for producing quality vehicles and the best way to keep your Toyota in top condition is to have it regularly serviced. We carry out Toyota log book servicing in Geelong in our modern workshop.

It is important to regularly service your vehicle. Service intervals are scheduled for a reason and it is essential to follow the guidelines in order to keep your car in its best condition. All too often we unfortunately see people that have put off having their car serviced and  it ends up developing significant problems that have occurred through lack of maintenance. And usually it costs a lot of money to repair the damage. That’s why you should always have your car serviced when it is due. It might seem like a hassle to be without your car for the day, but it’s important to make the effort. To make it easier for our customers, we have a courtesy car service available so you can be dropped off to work or home and picked up again later when your car is ready.

If you are a Toyota owner, whether it be a Hilux, Camry, Landcruiser or a Corolla we are highly experienced at carrying out servicing and repairs. Our mechanics have a lot of knowledge of Toyota’s and we infact drive Toyota’s ourselves! We often recommend Toyota to our customers who are looking to purchase a new vehicle as they are known for their quality, and if they are well looked after they hold their value very well when it comes to selling.

So if Toyota is your choice of car then BJT Automotive should be your choice of mechanic! When it comes to Toyota log book servicing in Geelong it makes sense to have a quality car serviced and maintained at a quality workshop! Contact us today if you’d like us to service your car, we’d be more than happy to help.