Our Geelong Mechanic finds a Problem…..!

February 28, 2017

We recently had a new customer bring their car to us for a service, and they asked if we are thorough – we said yes! They were looking for a different workshop to take their car for servicing and had heard we are fussy. Turns out they were mighty pleased they came to us instead. Our Geelong mechanic identified a few things that had been overlooked with their Corolla, but in particular discovered they had been using contaminated fuel.

We had to replace the intank fuel filter which is mounted inside the fuel tank. In order to do this you have to remove the back seat and then remove the fuel pump assembly from the fuel tank. The fuel pressure regulator was rusted due to water being in the contaminated fuel so it was replaced, and we also replaced the pick up strainer which was extremely dirty. Toyota recommend replacing this every 80,000km which is sometimes overlooked, as it was in this case.

The owner of the Corolla was stunned when we reported to them our findings. They had no idea they were using contaminated fuel and were so glad we identified the problem before it started causing a lot more damage throughout the car. And needless to say, they are filling up at a different service station now! And continuing to bring their car to us of course!

It can be hard sometimes in these type of situations to gain the trust of a new customer. We sometimes find that they bring their car to us for the first time and after we give it a thorough check over we can end up with a list of items that have been neglected and not done. It can often be a look of shock or surprise when we discuss with the customer the work that is required on their car, and we always ensure that the customer knows we are honest in our findings and not telling them their car needs unnecessary work. This can happen as some people aren’t aware that each service can be different, and that you always need to adhere to the manufacturers guidelines. There really isn’t any such thing as a standard service and if your mechanic is telling you your car only needs the oil changed, spark plugs and filters changed and the tyre pressure checked then they’re wrong! We have often seen cases where a mechanic has failed to tell their customer of any major upcoming maintenance, for fear that the cost will put them off. Unfortunately for these people, it ends up costing them more as neglecting the necessary maintenance only causes things to go wrong. Your car is an investment and an important one at that, so it makes sense to look after it.

As it turned out, we definitely gained the trust of this particular customer and in their words they are “so pleased they finally found a decent mechanic”! If you’re not happy with the current service you are receiving then it would certainly be worth giving us a call or making a visit. Our Geelong mechanics are awesome at what they do and we genuinely do look after and value our customers. Contact us today and have a look for yourself how fussy we are!