This is what happens when you put off going to your mechanic in Geelong….!!

August 29, 2017

We know you’ve heard it all before about the importance of having your car regularly serviced and maintained, but we can show you just how important it really is! You can see in the video just what can happen to your car when it’s neglected, as shown by Brett our mechanic in Geelong.

Unfortunately for the Subaru featured in the video, the owner ignored the warning light on the dashboard indicating the oil pressure was low. That, along with the fact that he’d missed a few services, resulted in an untimely death for the car! The owner pushed his luck just that bit too far, and ended up having the car towed to the workshop and asked us to have a look. It didn’t take our mechanic too long to give the unfortunate diagnosis that basically the motor was ruined and not worth saving. So a phone call to the wrecker was made and it was towed away again, off to car heaven!

Now in the owner’s defence, he wasn’t that silly that he didn’t realise his car was on a slow path to destruction and it was perhaps his subconscious desire to buy himself a new car that made him continually ignore that warning light on his dash. But for most people we certainly don’t recommend ignoring those lights! If one lights up on your dash then it’s time to call your mechanic in Geelong – BJT Automotive.

So now you know why we bang on about the importance of looking after your car. Our mechanics know what they’re doing and can prevent those warning lights coming on on your dash. Make sure you contact us for all your mechanical needs – afterall, prevention is better than cure!