Don’t let your brakes break down in Geelong!

August 18, 2015

Whenever a vehicle is serviced at BJT Automotive in Geelong, the brakes and suspension are routinely thoroughly checked.  We will let you know if your brake pads are getting low and if required, we can replace or repair the brakes in your vehicle. The brakes and suspension are a vital component of any vehicle and routine brake inspections are essential to safe driving and maintaining your vehicle.

Some signs that your brakes may require attention are:

– brake pedal is hard to press, or feels soft or spongey

– steering wheel is shuddering

– vehicle is pulling to one side when braking

– squealing or grinding noises

– burning smell when you stop the car

Usually when brakes are repaired the disc rotors will need to be machined or replaced.  It is important they are measured first to determine if there is enough material left to machine, or if they should be replaced.  The hydraulic brake fluid is also an important part of the braking system which is sometimes overlooked.  At BJT Automotive we carry out brake repairs in Geelong and test the condition of the brake fluid with every service.  It is recommended by most vehicle manufacturers that the fluid be flushed out and replaced every 2 years.

For any brake servicing or repairs in Geelong, contact us at BJT Automotive, located in Belmont and we can help you.