BJT Automotive, motor mechanic, Geelong

March 3, 2015

Since mechanic Brett Turley and his wife Rachel began BJT Automotive in 1999, many things have changed about the business. However their goal of running a motor mechanic business in Geelong where staff genuinely care about customers and their vehicles has remained the same.

The BJT Automotive team pride themselves on its personalised service. Whether issuing a roadworthy certificate or servicing a car, they take the time to get to know customers and their vehicles, keeping records of all service and repairs carried out.

One of the biggest changes for BJT Automotive since opening as an automotive mechanic in 1999, has been the move to the new workshop in Maxwell Avenue, Belmont. The bright, modern and orderly workshop is illustrative of the team’s fussiness and attention to detail in all their mechanical repairs. It’s important to every member of staff that customers are listened to and leave with a smile on their face.

The other major change since BJT Automotive began is the number of services offered. Like the business, the auto mechanic services have grown. BJT Automotive’s wide variety motor mechanic services in Geelong include mechanical repairs and car services, roadworthy certificate testing and wheel alignments. They conduct pre-purchase inspections of vehicles, suspension, brake and clutch repairs and are able to deal with air conditioning services and repairs. Geelong motor mechanic, BJT Automotive, really are your only destination for comprehensive auto mechanic services conducted in the one convenient location, all of which is complemented by warm and friendly staff.

Call us or drop in and see for yourself. The team will be happy to show you around their bright and modern workshop, because they are proud of what they do and where they do it.

BJT Automotive Geelong have devoted much time and energy into establishing and developing their business. Quite simply, they are good at what they do.