Brake Repair in Geelong

February 16, 2022

If your car is in need of brake repair in Geelong, then we can help you at BJT Automotive. Along with regular vehicle servicing, we also carry out brake repair. In keeping with our high standards, we only use high quality brake pads and components such as Bendix and HI-Q.

It goes without saying that the brakes are an extremely important component of a car so it is essential they are maintained and regularly checked. Whenever a vehicle is serviced at BJT the brakes are thoroughly checked. This ensures that we can repair or replace them if necessary. It also allows us to advise our customers when they will be due for repair or replacement. We make a note on their service history also that the brakes will need attention in, for example, 5,000km. Customers always appreciate this advice and can budget accordingly if necessary. Especially when the brakes are so important and should never be overlooked.

Here are some signs that your brakes may require attention:

  • brake pedal feels soft or spongey or is hard to press
  • when braking the vehicle is pulling to one side
  • there is a burning smell when you stop the car
  • the steering wheel is shuddering
  • squealing or grinding noises

If your car is experiencing any of the above then it will likely require brake repair in Geelong. It is important that you don’t ignore any of those warning signs.

If you require your brakes to be repaired, or you would like them checked to ensure they are safe then we can certainly help you. Just contact us and we can chat further and get you sorted.