Excellent Car Service in Geelong

October 19, 2021

There is more to servicing a car than just changing the engine oil, oil filter and spark plugs. It is standard practice at BJT Automotive when we do car service in Geelong to carry out thorough checks for wear and tear on the car. The condition of the steering, suspension and driveline components should always be checked, and reported on.

An example of this can be seen in the photo of the shock absorbers from a Territory we recently serviced. It was the first time we had serviced it at our workshop. You can clearly see in the picture going by the amount of fluid that has leaked out of the shock absorber on the left, that it had been overlooked for many services. This should have been picked up well before it got to this condition.

At BJT these are the things we don’t miss, and that’s why we are known for being thorough. This Territory also had a completely flat spare tyre! Another sign of things not being done properly, it should be checked every service.

We always make customers aware of any wear and tear issues we see and this allows them to budget for future work that may arise. It is also incredibly important for the safety of the vehicle. It is obviously better to be aware of any maintenance that is required before it reaches a dangerous or expensive condition. As part of BJT’s car service in Geelong we keep extensive records on all the vehicles we service. It is also reported on the customer’s invoice and discussed with them so they are aware of any upcoming maintenance that is required.

Thorough inspection of the entire vehicle as part of a service is what sets a good mechanic apart from an average one. It is not too difficult to change the oil etc, but it requires more skill and attention to detail to check and diagnose the overall condition of a car and identify potential issues. The mechanics at BJT are experts at this and in turn we have so many impressed and satisfied customers.

If you would like your car to be thoroughly serviced each and every time then please contact us and we can do the job – properly.