Ford Territory Service in Geelong

May 17, 2021

First introduced in 2004, the last Territory was produced in 2016. An incredibly popular SUV during this time, and the first and only Australian built SUV, the Territory was a trailblazer for thousands of Australian families. At BJT Automotive we have quite a lot of customers who regularly bring their Territory to us for Ford Territory Service in Geelong.

The Territory was particularly popular for families due to its ability to fit 3 car seats across the back! It was also available in a 7 seat configuration. This was a game changer! It made life much easier for parents to transport their kids and their friends around. The Territory is also the perfect size to fit all the family, the pram, the dog, the groceries etc but at the same time not too big for every day driving. Ford certainly nailed the market when they produced the Territory and its popularity showed in their sales figures. The poor station wagon suffered the most in the Territory’s popularity and soon disappeared in 2010. Initially built in a petrol version only, Ford introduced a diesel model in 2011. They gave it bit of a facelift and spruced it up in 2014 before its eventually demise in 2016.

There are still thousands of Territory’s on our roads today and they remain a popular vehicle. As mentioned, we service many in our workshop and are extremely familiar with Ford Territory service in Geelong. We pretty much know them inside and out, and are familiar with the suspension problems that unfortunately the Territory is known for.

Our mechanics at BJT Automotive are highly experienced in the service and maintenance of Ford Territory’s. Contact us if you would like us to look after yours!