Holden Colorado Service in Geelong

March 18, 2021

The Holden Colorado has been around for many years and were produced to replace the Rodeo. With the demise of Holden in Australia they are no longer produced here but there’s certainly plenty of them on the roads so they won’t be disappearing altogether any time soon! At BJT Automotive we do a lot of Holden Colorado service in Geelong and are very competent in doing so.

Utes have become very popular of late and more and more people are driving them as their every day car. No longer just a vehicle for the tradies they cater to families as well due to their versatility, particularly the dual cabs. At BJT Automotive we service all makes and models of utes. The Colorado in particular is a vehicle we service plenty of and we are very familiar with their servicing schedule. It doesn’t matter if it’s the base model LS or the top of the range Z71, our mechanics have the knowledge and expertise to service them. We always follow the manufacturers guidelines so you can be assured that whatever needs to be done, gets done. We don’t miss things! Guess that’s why we’re known for being fussy and thorough.

If you are wanting your Holden Colorado serviced in Geelong definitely consider BJT Automotive. We are an excellent alternative to a dealer and have a well established reputation for what we do. We have been servicing cars for over 30 years now so we know our stuff! We have a large clientele of customers who have been coming to us for many years and our Google reviews certainly demonstrate how happy our customers are.

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If we can help you with your Colorado then contact us and we’d be more than happy to do so!