Ford Ranger Service in Geelong

October 16, 2019

Over the years the Ford Ranger has made its mark and become a very popular choice of vehicle. It has fast become one of Australia’s top selling vehicles and a strong contender amongst the Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado and Mitsubishi Triton. It is a welcome replacement for the Falcon Ute and comes with a lot more bells and whistles! Our team at BJT are very experienced with working on Rangers and are the place to go for Ford Ranger Service in Geelong.

Part of the appeal of the Ranger is its versatility – tradies can use it as a rugged ute but also comfortably take the family on an outing, or tow the van for a holiday. They can go off-road and the factory set up can handle most rugged tracks allowing you to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. On the other hand you can comfortably explore the city streets. The latest technology provides for a very comfortable interior – somewhat different to the Falcon Ute! Nowadays it’s heated seats, contrast stitching, an infotainment system, keyless entry and heated power-folding mirrors to name a few! Safety hasn’t been overlooked either with lane-keeping assist, emergency braking, front camera, six airbags and driver fatigue monitoring to name a few.

At BJT Automotive we are very familiar with the service scheduling for the Ranger. We carry out many Ford Ranger Services in Geelong and our customers are very happy with our work. Quite a few have moved over to us from dealership servicing and are extremely happy with our service and high standards. The feedback we have received is positive and people have appreciated our personalised service and expertise.

If you are the proud owner of a Ford Ranger and appreciate quality service then contact us and we can definitely help you!