February 28, 2019

It’s happy 20th birthday BJT!  Wow, hard to believe it’s been that long! We’ve certainly come a long way during that time and our reputation as an excellent Geelong mechanic is well established.

20 years ago Brett took the plunge and decided to open his own business. He originally began working from the shed next door to our current workshop and in the early days the hours were long as Brett worked on his own. Once he was established he took on another mechanic and things grew from there. He operated from that shed for about 13 years when the opportunity to move to our current workshop came up. The business had grown significantly so the timing was ideal as we needed the extra room. By this stage Brett and Rach took the big step from being boyfriend and girlfriend, to getting married and having 2 gorgeous girls, and Rach began to spend more time working with Brett running the business.

A lot has changed since we first began but one thing that has remained the same is our quality workmanship and our excellent customer service. We have quite a few customers that have been bringing their cars to us since we first began! We also have a lot of families that we look after, particularly as many of them now have adult children with a car of their own. We often receive feedback from satisfied customers that they are so happy with our service and how thorough and knowledgeable we are and our reputation as an excellent Geelong mechanic is certainly justified.

We love what we do. Well okay, let’s be honest – maybe not ALL the time!! But we really do enjoy it and feel proud with what we’ve achieved over the years. We have made many friendships over the years with both customers and those in the trade. We probably don’t plan on sticking it out for another 20 years, but we’ll definitely be around for a while longer yet! If you want to have your car serviced with the best mechanic in Geelong then contact us and we’ll help you out!