A Common Problem with Ford’s we can service in our Geelong Workshop

November 29, 2015

A common problem we service on Ford’s in our Geelong workshop is cracked rear bushes on the Falcon BA and SX Territory, through to the current model Falcon and Territory. This week we carried out a mechanical repair to the rear differential mounting bushes on a Falcon. When the bushes are cracked you will notice:

  • noisy rear of the car,
  • a knock or a thud is felt through the back of the car.

The life of the bushes is often shortened and they will crack earlier if you regularly tow as this puts extra load on them. Replacing the bushes is a more labour intensive job as the whole rear end of the car has to be removed, as you can see by the picture of the Ford vehicle in our Geelong workshop.

If you are a Ford owner, or any other vehicle for that matter, and you think your car has cracked bushes then contact us and we will be happy to repair them or provide a quote.

crack rear diff bush 4