Regularly service your vehicle to keep you on those Geelong roads!

September 16, 2015

Regular vehicle servicing is important to keep you driving on those Geelong roads and beyond!  All too often people put off having their car serviced as it’s running fine and there’s no obvious problems.  But regularly servicing and maintaining your car ensures those problems are identified and addressed before they become a big, and all too often a costly problem!

Vehicles have many moving parts and components that need servicing and if left unattended, eventually things start to break down and this is when you risk costly repairs.  If you compare the cost of regularly servicing your car as opposed to major repairs, it makes sense to keep on top of your vehicle servicing as outlined by the manufacturers or log book recommendations.

When a vehicle is serviced at BJT Automotive in Geelong, the engine oil and oil filter is replaced, fluid levels and conditions are checked, steering, suspension and brakes are thoroughly checked, tyre conditions checked and rotated, lights and wipers checked, and the cooling system checked to name a few.

For all your vehicle servicing in Geelong and car maintenance needs, contact us today. Our staff are highly experienced and fully trained, our equipment and parts the best available and we fully guarantee all our work.  We’re fussy, and that’s how we like it!